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Hair Design

Everyday, our professionals employ techniques that create versatility, add dimension or fullness, and range from traditional to trendy. Whether an oval, round, long, square, heart or diamond-shaped face, our stylists will contour and complement your features to create the look you want.

A special occasion coming up? Whether it’s a night on the town, your prom, or a wedding, we can design a look that’s snappy, sophisticated, sassy, or sleek!

If you’re looking for a complete transformation, an updated look, or a way to enhance your best features, your visit begins with a consultation to find a style that accentuates you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

When you visit, take advantage of our deep conditioning treatments designed to hydrate your hair and leave it looking healthy, shiny, soft and manageable.

Hair Design Services

Women & Girls Shampoo, Cut & Style
Wash Cut& Style from $51

Long Hair from $ 63.75

Girls (1-11 years) - $30
Girls (12-18 years) - $40

Updos & Long Hair Dressing
Women - from $85

Shampoo & Blow Dry
Women - from $35

Deep Conditioning
Add-On $27.50

Men & Boys Shampoo, Cut & Style
Men - from $35
Boys (1-11 years) - $25
Boys (12-18 years) - $30

Subtle or Bold
Highlights & Colour

Add extra spark to your hair style with our super-conditioning, semi-permanent colour treatments. At Hush Salon and Spa our skilled stylists will help you choose a colour that enhances your complexion while respecting the integrity of your hair. Whether it’s an all-out transformation, a subtle enhancement of your natural colour, or great coverage of grey, we can help you choose just the right effect.

Highlights may be what you’re looking for if you want to add depth and dimension. They can be subtle or bold, and any length or style of hair can benefit from highlighting. They can enhance your natural colour, veil grey, or produce a shimmering effect using two or more shades.

Highlights & Colour Services

Foil Highlights
Full - from $121.90
Partial - from $99.54
Few Foils - from $35.54
Top Foils - from $64.00
Balayage - from $164.43

All Over Colour - from $81.27
Colour Retouch - from $71.09
Creative Color - from $100/ hr

Pre-Lighten & Tone - from $115.31
Virgin Pre-Lighten - from $132
Colour Correction - consult

*pricing does not include a cut or style*

It's All About You

That’s why our conversations about curls always start with your story and what you want. We’re here to help figure out what works for your curls and your everyday. These conversations are about more than hair, they’re about who you are, who you want to be, and how you live your life.

You make us laugh, you make us cheer, and there’s no hair story we haven’t heard. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built under the common bond of curls. Wherever you are on your curl journey, DevaCurl is there.

Curly Services

Curly Cut & Style - from $60
CurlyDry Cut - from $48
Curly Cut, Colour & Style - from $151.50
Curly Cut, Pintura Highlights & Style - from $201.90

Curly Cut, Highlights & Style - from $180.00

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Care products for all kinds of hair.

From Wild Unimaginable to Silky Straight
Keratin Treatments

For our Keratin treatments we use Cezanne products. Keratin Treatments are a full frizz reduction not a permanent straightening. It softens the texture of the hair, 30-50% curl reduction and can last 4-6 months. Chelle is our Keratin Treatment expert. Please call or email the salon to book this service with her.

Keratin Treatments - from $275+
Express Keratin Treatments - from $88

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions

Great Length extensions harmonize perfectly with your natural strands leaving no tell-tale signs. We use a state-of-the-art but gentle method of attaching the extensions that won’t harm your natural hair. And, strands can be even be permed to match the natural curl of your hair. Over 40 vibrant natural shades to exactly match the colour of your own tresses.

Nanolinks are the newest type of extension available. They are ideal for women with thin hair. These extensions are reusable and will last for 1-2 years with proper care. The hair can be styled, curled, straightened or dyed as desired. The small keratin tips discretely attach to your own hair, providing durable extension wear.

A consultation is required to determine the look, colour, thickness and the quantity of hair needed.

Price determined after consultation.

To book your hair extension consultation
email us at
or call us 519-836-9119